Cuttin' it close
Let the dishes turn green
Everyone chasin' their
Internet dream

Some like it hot
In a triple X funk
Winnin' the auction
Turnin' money to junk

Cappin' the flag
In a virtual dash
Skippin' your wedding
To play in a match


Shut all the blinds
You mighta been seen
Sittin' alone
With your internet dream

Winning the race
For your digital fix
Living your life
With a clickity-click

"So every day I swear
I'm gonna go to bed at like eleven.
And all of a sudden it's 4AM...
And I was just watching Youtube and
Reading Wikipedia for five hours.
It's like MAN... you ask me the
Next day. I can't even remember
What I was doin. Crazy."

[Verse ]


"I was talkin to my mom the other day
And she's like 'Oh,
My computer's been acting up again! '
So I'm thinkin she got a virus
Or something...
And I'm like 'ok what's wrong?'
And she's like 'You know that bar that
You type the website in! It disappeared!
I can never remember how to get it back! '
I'm like 'ok Mom. We did this last week.'
I love my Mom and Dad. "

[Chorus X 2]
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Internet Dream Lyrics

Tay Zonday – Internet Dream Lyrics