Oh no
It’s a Scorpio. Another Scorpio.
Deep and mysterious eyes. You’re just this secretive spy.
Leading me with lies.

You bring me to my knees.
But you’ve got Cancer inside-
So many secrets you hide.

Baby what’s your sign? I wanna make you mine.
Ask the oracle, cause I need to know.
If you just believe, it’s our destiny.
A truth you can’t deny, so baby what’s your sign?

I search
Until I find, Online until I find
Tips to attract my guy- a flakey Gemini.
Can’t say I didn’t try.

Taurus. I gave you all of my trust.
I’m mixing Earth and Fire-
I hope you’re not a liar.


(repeated x 2) When’s your birthday? When’s your birthday? When's your
Birthday? Tell me right now.

(sung "Virgo" "Libra")
So just look to the sky, let your heart fantasize, as we float through the
Skies on your Aquarian air.
Leo fire burns my feet, as I jump in a stream, where your Pisces emotion
Flows through my hair.
Read about you and me, in my fave magazine, and I know we are destined from
See a light, feel a spark, it’s my zodiac heart telling me that this is
The perfect love.
(whispered "Sagittarius")

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What's Your Sign? Lyrics

Tay Allyn – What's Your Sign? Lyrics