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Brothers Mcbane Lyrics

Taskforce – Brothers Mcbane Lyrics

[Chester P intro]
Yo, Brothers Mcbane, New Mic Order containers
Y'unnerstan, founded 1995, Bury Crew, mud Fam, Taskforce forever

[Chorus, Farma Giles]
Gale force hand glider
Lightning bungee jumps
Thunderstorm messiah
Hailstone toboggan run
Rainfall mountaineer
Blizzard downhill skier
Monsoon mountain biker
Typhoon snow boarder
We do it all this year
A new chapter's born
The Brothers Mcbane
Are the riders of the storm

[Chester P Hackenbush]
You see these Mcbane brothers
They'll throw you off a stage
For staging theatrics
We'll call your card by name
Why d'you think we're called the Mcbanes
Just for name sakes?
The scene will never be the same again
We'll make your brains ache
This boogaloo's good to you
But sometimes it's good to feud
And if your head's bigger than your skills
Sometimes it's good to lose
Mcbane's ain't the guys to choose
To battle for publicity
Tell your noise to take an interlude
From now until infinity
We love you all spiritually as people (just livin')
But we hate you as emcees
That's why we're fun killing
Those who's unwilling
To master their positions
You'll face the Mcbanes
And we'll change your conditions
Make sure you see the light
If not, you'll see the end
So keep up with the times
Cos it waits for no men
And if time overlaps you
These brothers will trap you
Cos we stay swinging
Like a cowboy's lassoo
You've heard me say the name
From deep waters coming at you
To bless you with the new mic order

[Eno Red Rum]
Red Rum composer
Starlight symphony
Battling my enemies
With 25th Century rhyme flows
To blow woah
Soldier task force
Turning red like Soho
So enter to my territory
The terror breeze bringer
Batter ram smasher rap king
It's the slip stream
Spun round by my whirlwind
It's the Brothers Mcbane
Slay guys like slain
Poetical poison Tube trains
Through your vein
I bring immediate torture
Skid marks on your chestpiece
Force the resistance
Pull your tongue out your cheek
And fill your body with fear
So who's the best this year?
Taskforce, mud Fam, Bury Crew ya hear!
Eno Red Rum, mad man mania
Failure fixer, pick up your slip ups
Hip hop disc flinger, Dragon stout drinker
Terrorizing mics and R&B singers
Menacing music masked attack on your act,
Collapsed your whole detail
With a anger some track
My lyrics stay with you
It's leaving a stain
Bare faced, no shame
It's the Brothers Mcbane

[Farma Giles]
My slicing vocals you can't test
Make your face feel wet, put my name under trust
I'm a stainless steel edge Stanley knife, slice rate
Top ten tongue flex, break neck rap speed
The verbal stampeder, hexagon head shape
Now can you catch my angle?
Unicycle turbo, I ride with no handles
A chariot of fire burning through rhyme arenas
Remus wolf ganger, Taskforce hyenas
Lock jaw lion tamer, sentence rearranger
Left you in the 4th bar feeling like a stranger
My forcefields harvest, sky scrapes above novice
Intercepting airlines crash landed in the forest
Power tool hammer head, smithereen finale
This is the resistance Task F-O-are-C-E
Rapper bippin', Robotusin, legalize the crushing
Flower pressing pages engaged in my war games
Crazy crane deliveries, master sun shiner
Shimmers through your forecast in the form of a rhymer
Stay true fantics at it hard when our disc plays
Bare-faced, no shame, it's the Brothers Mcbane


[Chester P Outro]
The Taskforce (the riders of the storm), the Bury Crew
(the riders of the storm)
I'd like to give some shouts out right now, some shouts out right now, seen
Linda and Aaron J big up yourselves, Gunshot,
Disorda, Blak Twang and Fallacy
Roots Manuva, Skeme, Blade and Mello and
Huntkillbury Finn and Icepick, Braintax
Max and Dave, 279 and Westwood and
All other radio djs promoting us
Big up the Scratch Perverts and the En4cers
12 Stone, Bad Breed, Uncanny, Cane
Aspects, Double Impact, Simon Rose, Vadim,
Lewis Parker, A-Cyde, Ty & Shortee Blitz,
Deadmen, Phoebe One, Nazareen and Nebula,
Mi5, Loony Boys, Montana, London Posse, Jonzi D
Deal Real record shop and all other record shops who sell the:
Mark B and K'Boro and Taskforce and mud Fam tunes
Phi Life Cypher, all my Scotland massive
All my Edinburgh thugs, get your love on, I swear
Big up Criminal Damage crew, big up Serv and the Creators
And Intenz and all mudlumz family
And all the people we forgot I'd like to say...
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