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Muh Life Lyrics

Tasha – Muh Life Lyrics

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray tha Lord muh gunz to keep
If I die before I wake
I ask you Gawd muh soul to take
Yo... Check it do you no what I go through every day, every thought I have? Well your about to c az I tell you all the struggles uv muh life
Verse 1:
As I live muh life
I just do shit
I don thank twice
Cuz I no everything I do haz a price
I got only one life to live
One mo breath to take
As I watch muh life shatter crumble and brake
As I lead muh life from crime to hate
Stoped buh tha copz on every road I take
Court cases keep me occupied till I'm sent up state
Violation muh probation cuz uv a call made late
In muh life uv sin I just have to wounder
Will Gawd take me? Or break me?
Leave me in the dust
What ever he decieds I don't give a fuck
I no whats cumin I took the wrong path
Headin to muh real dad to c him at last
Sittin in muh chair close’n muh eyes
Havin krazy dreamz c’n muh demise
Countin down tha dayz till I finally die
Will they laugh at the fact or brake and cry
I need to no thease answer’z
I'm runnin out uv tyme
With the final breath I take
I ask you Gawd 2 c muh mom’z face
Cuz it might b tha last glanze I take
Untill I c her in you’re heavenly place
Cuz ma don worry I’ll be right there buh tha gate
I’ll have muh watch set, trust me I wont b late
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