I had a bit of money- and now its finished
Yesterday I had a job- today I don't
I had a lover who took off on me
What luck do I have (i don't have any luck)

I don't have any money left
I have nothing to do
I don't have a lover
(emphasizes that he has nothing with everything)

If it weren't for these songs
If the telephones didn't ring
If my friends didn't call me
Who'd know what I'd do?
(i wouldn't stay around for a minute)

I'm partially cloudy (overcast)
But I still hold hope
The world has fallen from my eyes
This much pain is enough

I'm a sensitive man
I'll be ruined
It'll be a worry (pain) in me
They all go one after another oooff...
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Bu Sarkilar Da Olmasa ( English ) Lyrics

Tarkan – Bu Sarkilar Da Olmasa ( English ) Lyrics