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In The End Lyrics

Taraxacum – In The End Lyrics

(Music: T. Exxel - Words: R. Mythiasin)

(solo Eggi)

I've been traveling on this road a long time
The lonely journey of my destiny
Along way I see so many things that shape me
Carry ne into infinity

In the end will I understand?

Receive the answers to the questions in my mind
Is there a reason why we all are here?

When my body's gone and my time here now has ended
Will I be forsaken, or somehow be remembered?

In the end will I understand? In the end...

At the end of this lonely road I've traveled down
Will I finally make it home or forever be alone?
All my life I've waited for some kind of answer

In the end will I understand?

Will a familiar face apper to guide my way?
The way I've lived my life has led up to this way
When I meet my maker and the one true God of all
Will my sins be forgiven, or into darkness will I fall?

Deep within my soul I hear the voices call
Telling me my time is near, the ending after all
Will I be afraid knowing I can't hide?
Will I finally be at peace on the other side?

Ah, Ah! The ending after all! The ending after all...
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