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Black Water Bayou Lyrics

Tanya Tucker – Black Water Bayou Lyrics

Growin' up on the bayou can drive you outta your mind.
Marie was a youngin' when she left the Black Water behind.
It all happened one night
In the back of Jimmy's car
Jimmy said 'Marie, your so pretty, well you oughta be a movie star. '
So she packed up her backwood streams
Stole her mama's Mabeline
And took the train to New Orleans
And swore she was never gonna go
Back to the Black Water Bayou

Mama said, 'Child, don't go back on your raisin''
'There ain't no place in the city for a pretty little backstreet cagian'
'The long hard nights, will leave you cold. '
'And there's a devil 'round every corner tryin' to buy your soul. '
And with no where to go, and nothin' to eat
She got a job dancin' down on Urban Street
But the shoes she's wearin' on her feet
Don't dance like they danced with Jimmy Lavoe
Back on the Black Water Bayou

In the heat of the night
It was the very last show
She walked onto the stage with her heart and her head hung low
She started to cry [cry]
As the curtain rolled
She found herself lookin' in the Black Water eyes of Jimmy Lavoe
Well he picked up her shattered dreams
On that stage in New Orleans
Said, 'Marie, don't you think it's time to go'
'Back to the Black Water Bayou? '
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