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Who Is Tanya Lyrics

Tanya Stephens – Who Is Tanya Lyrics

Well you and I know,
But there are others who still doubt I can do this,
So we a tek dem pon another journey today,
We ago remind dem a who this.
Unnu ready??

Dem wah kno who is Tanya,
Mi no haffi strip fi control dem man yah,
Mi have di game inna di palm a mi hand yah,
A world domination a di plan yah.
Who is Tanya,
Spunky fresh feminine human yah,
(School's in) Pull up a chair an jam yah,
Mek mi break it down fi yuh pon deh one yah.

This a di modda of Kelly, who's a little past 10,
Gyal whe come fi change di whole game wid a pen,
Mi see uncertainty inna di heart of men,
Show dem 'this is not a fluke, Tanya',
Do it again.

This a di gyal whe neva back down yet,
From Richmond, bet yuh neva heard of dat town yet,
St. Mary, yea, dat a whe mi background set,
Yuh feel yuh can test this, Yuh wah bet?!?

Gyal see mi flex an tek sick,
Mi pocket fat, but fi dem anarexic,
An now a me di whole a dem wah vex wit,
Like a me a stop dem from mek shit.

Gyal a try look war,
Mi say F di crow dem,
Too dense fi realize say mi nuh wah know dem,
Tell dem fi fine a careless mouth sumweh fi blow dem,
If dem no get di levels yet,
Mek wi show dem


Well altho di mic a mi favorite utensil,
Still numba 1 wid a numba 2 pensil,
Mi ah no di type whe all bark an don't bite,
Wen mi stan up pon di mic, mi rock di mic (Right)

Bun a self-praise,
Mi nah say a di bes this,
But mi will tell yuh,
Mi nuh see nutten fi test this,
So wen some gyal feel vindictive an a try fi stress this,
Tell dem di vacuum pon dem neck cannot depress this.

Fi unnu who vex cause mi nuh join unnu crew,
Mi keep mi enemies plenty cause genuine friends few,
An a girl like me wid such a high I. Q.,
Would not be chillin wid a clod like you.


Who am I??
Di gyal wid di henkel glue, (am I)
Keep it real,
Not like dem Who a lie,
Mi kno dem woulda love a race run to a tie, (Neva!!)

Well I am not validated by di style a mi clothes,
Fuck fashion, call me personified chose,
No care who pass mi an skin up dem coke nose,
Who dem haffi rate lata, eeh?
Who yuh suppose??
Di fus ting Chris see an endorse at a glance,
Or di gyal whe consistenly gi unnu substance,
Recognize, mi no do di jus fi pay bills,
An yuh no haffi like me but yuh haffi respek mi skills.

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