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To The Rescue Lyrics

Tanya Stephens – To The Rescue Lyrics

Mih sih di S O S O S
So tell di man dem we a work fih protect dem interest
Cuz some gyal out deh have man under ber' stress
So we ah rescue di one dem weh we check fih di bes'

The man dem willing fih spend any amount a cash
Fih get a quiter mout' an ah tighter punash
Fih get a respectful gyal weh nuh search man phone
Dem woulda give up all house and home
Di man a fiend fih a gyal weh nuh ben
Everytime him seh him a chill out wid him fren
Gyal weh nuh get vex and lock off di punash
Everytime him gto watch a likkle reggae boyz match

To di recue
Move up di gyal dem weh a stress you
We come fih perform a save roun here
Cuz some gyal won't behave roun' here
A wah mih seh
This is a rescue
Run weh di gyal dem weh a stress you
We come fih perform a save roun' here
Cuz some gyal nah behave roun' here
(Wah mih seh)

Well if yuh s** life is dead boss
We a di first pon di scene like di red cross
Tell a gyall we nuh search, we jus' rescue
If yuh run him, nuh get vex when him lef yuh
Remember yuh a di one weh did chase weh yuh spouse
We put on wih gas mask, run him outta di dirty house
Nuh tek it personal when a gyal help him out
Waste him breath pon you
We gi' him mouth to mouth

(Hook 2)
Di angel ah snuggle inna yuh arms this morning
Just might be the devil in someone elses arms tonight
So gwaan fight


Ah nuff a dem waan fih know who we
Cuz from dem work below two G
Like some played out tired movie
Ah nuff a dem get retired tru' we
Tell dem how we enter di hall of fame
Tru' a so quick we cut off di ball and chain
Massage yuh neck an get rid a yuh pain
Gyal seh "who we?", tell she wah we name


Di man dem sen out dem S O S O S
(Continue 1st hook)

If a gyal waan fight
It's just a waste of time
Cuz everyman still have di right fih change dem mind
Waan live inna denial and act like yuh blind
But one day soon yuh might wake up and find dat...

2nd Hook


So mih go so
Wooah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah nah come on come on
Woooaaah Yeeaaah.....
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