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Somethin' Somethin' Lyrics

Tanner Helms – Somethin' Somethin' Lyrics

Baby let me know if ya wanna roll with me
I got that somethin' somethin'
Got a cheap job broke as can be
But I still got that somethin' somethin'
I'll entertain ya mind with my organic rhyme
Cause you know I got that somethin' somethin'
Don't cost a $1. 50 tonight I'm free for you
I got that somethin' somethin'

Look into my eyes, don't you see I idolize
Everything you do? No you haven't got a clue
Well it's true
And you need to know that I want you
And I know you want me too.
Why we actin' like fools playing by the rules?
Do you wanna sit down, and we can talk it through?
"Uh huh... yeah... really?... okay... cool."
I used to think think about bein' with you and just
Think think thinking about all the things that I
Wanted to do
Hopscotch, long trips, kissing your lips
Now it's finally true and you even think it's cool?
I like that...
It's gettin late tho do you wanna go on a date?

Baby let's go, let's take a stroll tonight
Cause we got that somethin' somethin'
Cruise in the car, gaze at the stars
Cause we got that somethin' somethin'
Swim in the pool, skinny dip, lip lock, it's cool
We got that somethin'
Don't say a word, lay low, let it flow, and just be
Somethin Somethin

Check out the ground (do you feel that sound?)
It's in the roots, fer-ta-liz-er produces the fruits
Up in the trees with sounds like these... Hot beats hot keys
Take a breath. Let it in
Sit back relax and let it spin
Hear that storm rollin in?
"Rain drops fallin on my head"
My style is wack
I'm not on crack,
My beats are black
I do not lack
But your touch,
Cause I crave you oh so much
On & on & on & on the days go by from dusk to dawn
And who woulda knew? I think I love you.

Baby let's go lets take a stroll
Feel the cool breeze put your mind at ease
Walk real slow, let each other know
That we got that somethin somethin

Cruise in the car gaze up at the stars
Put the track on low talk about van gogh
Drive real slow, let each other know
That we got that somethin' somethin'
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