I've been callin' yo phone like crazy.
Cause there ain't no way I'm loosin' my baby.
We just gotta talk, and work it out.
That's all we really need but.

Right in the middle of gettin' our point across.
My damn signal always ends up lost.
I done been to the phone store a million times.
but I'd rather use a land line cause...

Sprint keeps sending me straight to voice mail.
Nextel is still tryna find a subscriber
but I gotta find her (before she's gone)
I hate callin', callin' yo cell phone cause...
T-Mobile's calls always drop
Verizon's cool but they plans cost a lot!
I'm just tryna call my baby and fix whatever's wrong but
I hate calling, calling your cell phone (cell phone)
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Cellphone Lyrics

Tank – Cellphone Lyrics