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Beautiful Agony Lyrics

Tank – Beautiful Agony Lyrics

I can't believe I'm inside you so far from me
It's like a soothing wound
This burning flesh is once more sucking my life out
I am about to pass away
Now bury the pride you've faked, you're about to suffer me
Bury all these moral thoughts
You're like I want you to be
The glimmer in your eyes betrayed your ascetic figure

As I was starving to death
As I was begging for help
You came, my favorite prey
"Follow me down to our beautiful agony"

The smell of lust emanates from
These pieces of scalding skin
It is torturing me

The fist of your aura is closing on my spine
Nails are sinking into my flesh
What little control which remained in me is leaving
Forsaken to your fangs...

As I was starving to death
As I was begging for help
You came, my favourite prey
Follow me down to our beautiful agony
As I was fighting to smile
As I was seeking the light
My truly beloved victim
I will bring you to our beautiful agony

Now fall deep in my arms
Let my thirst burst
Plead me to empty your mind,
To unleash the passion
Thoughtless, this is what you become
Condemned to endure your vices
Crawl down like dead, face on the ground
Invoke my pity

I will ignore these abstracts shapes
Gathered in your dark eyes
I will pretend you're not this kind of Goddess
We will rise beyond our death
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