I'm alive, I can face another battle
I can fin'lly breathe again
I'm alive, I've diminished all the demons
Now Im purged from all the sin
I been livin 4 the danger
& I rivaled with the best
Didn't care about the meaning
Never settled up 4 less
All the frustrations that eluded me
Ive fin'lly set them free
This time 2morrow I will run away again
This road that I follow Is my only friend
Empty & hollow No longer can pretend
That this time 2morrow Im out of my own misery
Step aside, I can see past through the anger
& I might as well begin
2 divide, all the rhyme without a reason
& The sham beneath my skin
Do u really know the secret
Am I missing that 1 clue?
Do u really know the answer
Can u see my point of view?
Im so offended by the bed Ive made
Somehow I feel betrayed
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M.O.M. Lyrics

Talisman – M.O.M. Lyrics