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The Express Lyrics

Talib Kweli – The Express Lyrics

[Talib Kweli]
"There comes a time-"
Hi-Tek, who we rockin wit?
"In every young mans life when-"
That's right we rockin with the best
"He must go out into the world"
Ya ya ya yo yo

I don't just spit, I hauck loogies on these emcee floozies
Y'all beggars can't afford to be choosy
Wanna bubble like jacuzzis, act bouigey, you watchin to many movies
These cats is fruity and got it mixed up like smoothies
Who are we? Yours truly, fist in the air like Huey
Smoke 'em one-by-one like Lucy's, then we skate like 'ooty
Just because yur rhymes is booty don't mean you "The shit"
Yo my style is universal, I get around like orbit
I got this all up in my veins, so fuck what you sayin
Your stuck in the same frame of mind, ain't no duckin my rain,
When it's times for storms to brew, I'm _Warning_ you like Notorious
Before we bust, I won't be courteous,
Even if ya moms is in the audience, I'm still the goriest,
Road warrior, whose story is more glorious than Euphoria
And you got it all up in you, and ain't nobody stoppin you
If you don't believe us you could check out how we rock for you

Can't stop, don't stop
Rockin to the rhythem cuz I
I get down and (Brooklyn)
I get down and (to put it down)
I get down and I (Like uni)
I get down (The uptown)
Gets down and sha-na-na
Can't stop, don't stop
Rockin to the rhythem cuz I
I get down and (Cincinnati)
I get down and (Madtown)
I get down and (Detroit)
I get down and (Chicago)
Ah ah ah, sha-na-na

[Verse 2:]
Kweli, that's me, the king, the emcee
Rhyme, get mine on the T-O-P
Can another emcee ever fuck with me?
(Hell no!) "Y'all niggas Tickle Me like Elmo"
Yo I got hip-hop on deadlock
You wanna pose like models, you catchin headshots
My roots extend to bedrock I stay grounded
The perfect balance, I found it
And I got everybody feelin it
My aura shine like ice and ain't nobody stealin it
Ain't no need to say "Run your jewels" when I'm revealin it (True)
And droppin it, on your stupid ass and not concealin it (Put it on 'em)
Cats want you in the dark, no switch that
In fact them cats want you in the pitch black
Where the light switch at? This shit's wack
You try to get some "Get Back," that's how a bitch act
So sit back and observe these gentlemen
With that melanin, we see through the swine like gelatin
So never question my relevance, manifestin all elements
Take hip-hop and develop it, by injectin intelligence
Wackness, you don't just smell of it, you reek in it
We stay feakin it, so the title we keepin it
Hi-Tek is the best kept secret since Diamond D
Kweli consider me the opitimy of emcee
So you know what that mean to me - eternally we stand out,
And make them other dudes look like scenery

"Won't stop"
"Doin it..real"
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