Always Thought It Took A Lot Of Hard Work
Always Thought I Had To Deal With The Pain
Walkin' Round With A Heavy Load
While My Back Was Breaking Under The Strain
Then You Came And Told Me I Could Be Free
And It Sure Feels Good!
It Sure Feels So Good

Life Is Short And You're Movin' Fast
Got Your Wheels Spinnin' Out Of Control
I Was There Headed For A Crash
When I Learned I Had To Let It Go
Right Then I Knew I Couldn't Deal With The Speed
As Long As I Was In The Driver's Seat
That's When Love Came And Rescued Me
And It Sure Feels Good.
It Sure Feels Good

(Don't you know it feels)it feels good! It's so amazing!
Feels good! Perfect love!
Feels good! I don't know how you do it
But it sure feels good!
Sure feels good!
Ever since I gave you total control (feels good!)
Changed my life as soon as I let go (feels good!)
Having you in my life... Sure feels good!

(Well) Now I Smile Everywhere I Go
Cause My Steps Are Laid Out For Me
Got A Joy I Never Felt Before
Cause It's Cool To Simply Follow Your Lead
Well, It Shows When You Look At My Face
It's A Reflection Of Your Love And Grace
You Got Me Dancin' All Over The Place
And It Sure Feels Good!


Good Good Good Good
Sure Feels Good

Don't You Know It Feels Good

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Feels Good Lyrics

Take 6 – Feels Good Lyrics