I got my new groove, said I'm gonna get with it.
I got my new shoes, said I'm gonna step with it.
I see the limelight, said I'm gonna vibrate it.
Give me the bright light, so I can get right with it.

Baby got me lalala, got me crazy I'm aflame!
She lookin so lalala, I think I'm goin' insane!
I want to get down, down, down, with you baby.
Tell me can I get down, down, down, with you baby.

Tonight I wanna do it just for me.
I wanna let the rhythm set me free!
I'm gonna be myself and just let go.
Get down to business when I hit the floor.

Yeah I'mma go in, and I'mma go hard.
Yeah I'mma be the one, goin' all night long.


She says she knows me, she says I'm a heartbreaker.
Yeah, that's the old me, tonight I'm a heart taker.
She got her own ways, but baby she dance for me.
She plays her own games, the way that she handle me.

(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat Chorus)

Tonight, we gon' go all in.
Tonight, we gon' go all in.
Tonight, I hear the callin'.
Tonight, we feel like fallin'.

And tonight, it's gonna be you and me.
And tonight, we're feelin' the energy.
Tonight, we're going all in! Yeah!

(Repeat Chorus)
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Imma Go Lyrics

Taio Cruz – Imma Go Lyrics