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Left 2 Right Lyrics

Taija New – Left 2 Right Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m thinking about taking him seriously
I’m wondering if he can really handle me
All this in these jeans, Ginuwine, with my wine
I don’t know why I got a thing for shy guys
I get to the floor, when I see him standing at the door, he like how I keep it tight, don’t get it f***ed up, I’m more than just a night, rigalingagling when I jingalingaling, I do big ting, big deal in da street
(lady pon Calle)
He said, dale, dale, dale, dale,dale,dale

So he want more, hmmmm
I’m not for his scoreboard
He sayin it’s mine well well
I got the ball in my court
I free throw on these h***
I am body goals
I am so special
And it’s au natural

Right , Left to Right
Left to Right, Left to Right
Drop, Drop, Drop
Freeze, Hold it
Now Drop, Drop, Drop

[Verse 2]
He hit me up, he asked am I going tonight
I said I don’t know and he know damn well that I’m lying
I could say I like him but I’m so f***ing defiant
He on a trip to crazy got my license Ima drive him
He forget his name, when I back it up, if I were him I’d do the same (Oh My God)
I’ma let him just who the hell I am, I’m so spicy now he know why they call me hot tamale, (I Go Off)
, When he say dale dale dale dale dale

[Pre-hook 1x]

[Hook 1x]

I give him diabetes with all this sweetness lil Debbie
He looked at these leggings, grabbed his head, and said I want ready
Then I broke him now he can’t forget me Sheeeez
I win go on cue confetti
Now peace

Dale Dale Dale Dale
Dale Dale Dale Dale
Leg High Leg High
Leg High Leg High
Now Bankroll (Cha Ching)
Bankroll (Cha Ching)
Bankroll (Cha Ching)
Diamond (Bling Bling)

[Hook 1x]

It’s Taija New
Uh y’all know who

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