Here again, I know it's coming
That same old feeling
Those days when you feel like a child again
Leave behind all your worries
There's no time for that, no please
The blue sky over my head
Will get you out of bed

Get yourself together
Cause we've got to make things happen
While there's still time to do it right

You look better now
No doubt about it
You're even smiling just a little bit
That child-like smile is back on your face
I'll take you on a special journey
Don't ask me where it's brand new to me
The black cloud over your head
Is now on it's death bed


Feels like we live in a movie
It's too good to be true
But don't worry
Cause today, today is the day
When the sun wipes everything away


It's gonna be alright
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Get Yourself Together Lyrics

Tahiti 80 – Get Yourself Together Lyrics

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