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She's Gone Lyrics

Taggiz – She's Gone Lyrics


You say I did you wrong, tell me what did I do.
Because I'm missin you, plus I still love you.
You keep sayin I did somethin to make you go away, will you tell me cause I need to know what made you go away.
Girl you complete me in every single way.
When I was out town, you would hold it down, you was my baby.
I need to know, what's going on.
Cause now she's gone, and I'm all alone.


She's Gone, she leavin me.
She's not comin back, I can feel it deep in me.
What am I gonna do, because I'm missin her.
I need another chance to make it up to her.

Repeat x1

[Verse 2:]

She called me on the phone and said somethin was wrong.
We need some time apart, so I hung up the phone.
She called me back and said "don'te I'm goin keep it real, you always doin your music and never show how you feel".
I've never been in love, I thought you understood.
She said "I did at first but boy I wish you could".
Then she said "Bye" and I said "Why".
Then she said "don'te I've been there before, and I don't wanna cry".


Repeat x2

[Verse 3:]

Now that she's gone I don't, know what I'm gonna do.
I can't eat, I can't sleep, plus I'm slackin in school.
I wish I could go back, and do it all again.
It's like a game and I lost and I usually win.
I know I did wrong, that's why I sing this song.
I just want you to know, Taggiz will never go.
No way, because, I'm still lovin you.


Repeat x4
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