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Shadowland Lyrics

Tag Shai – Shadowland Lyrics

[Intro: Aurum]
Aurum on the beat, baby
Yung Naga

[Hook: Aurum]
Throw your mind away we can play here all day (all day)
I'm out of bounds when I play it's all the same (all the same)
Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet at the same time
Throw your mind away we can play here all day (all day)

[Verse 1: Tag Shai]
Somnambulist with the shadow hand
Dream world in the shadowland
I remember a life
Fight the alive
Rapid eye movement blacking the light
Osynlighetsmantel wrapped in the night
Sheathed blade, reminisce of a life when I dreamed to defy
In the lonely night I remove myself to a place that is reset when I die
And I’m in disguise
Uchiha Itachi eyes
I’ll be fine when I rise
Normal life never felt all right
But then I saw her standing there, I saw standing there
I saw standing there, and I care
And I can’t see you here no more
Meet me on the street with no feelings and I’m ignored
But I’m back now
Inside feeling black now
Cold as ice never back down, cold as ice never back down
I’m from uptown and I’m outside of my mind
Watch the replay then I die, watch the reply then I die
Call me when you’re here
Call me now you’re here
Call me now you’re here

[Hook: Aurum] x1

[Verse 2: Tag Shai]
Cybernetic dead boy passed out with xan in the chest
Meditating in an elevator, moving up to another test
And I’m in distress
Never repaired from the rest
With my eyes supressed I will always remember a life
Speak inside when I’m outside
I’ll Destiny Bond the side guy
I’m always revolving around tides, always revolving around tides
Yung Boi, Yung Samurai
Multi-scale; Yung Dragonite
I’ll hack your girl and I’ll override, hack your girl and I’ll override
Over-riding downtown with a Mach Bike come across the frozen bird
As it flees from sight, flees from sight
Never mine, never mind
Watch the world as it burns; watch the world as it burns
See the world inside my head
Counting models in my bed
Nah, just kidding man
Nagasaki the pretty man
Tag Shai the city man
Aurum on the beat man

[Hook: Aurum] x1

[Outro: Aurum]
Aurum on the beat
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