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Seen Lyrics

Tag Shai – Seen Lyrics

[Hook] (x2)
Seen, Seen, why 'you leavin' me with seen
Did you know that you're the one who's seen in all my dreams

[Verse 1: Tag Shai]
Gotenks see me flexing with them gold chains
Simple pleasures keep me heating on my cold veins
Switching lanes, keep away, keep my body from the fangs
Keep talking to myself, i will see you one day
Fake guys like to fake lies
Remind myself my heart is beating for the bricks
I don't remember what you said, but i saw it on the internet it must be real then, oh
Yeah i'm sovereign, man, i'm wrapped in rubber bands and i'm doing what i can
I'm doing what i like, and i'm liking what i do
I'll be aiming for the trash when i toss you with the [?] oh
I'm giving things to Drake, here with the Tag and i keep looking at the reasons why you're late
It's late night coming 'till the daylight we can sit up all night shining like the stars online


[Verse 2: Tag Shai]
Yeah i find you in the dark, with Ralph on my heart
Money be religion while these people keep attempting to trip a young player in the game, don't hit me up and call my name, when I'll be glowin' up, going up
Really miss your face i haven't seen it in a few days
I'll be getting money like a few ways
Every time i see myself, i realize i'm being someone else, oh well
Bring it back with ease, wearing shirts with Japanese, i'll be rapping with the steeze, in the city's where i'll be, oh well
Was about to take you seriously, your slip is what i finna see, your trip is what i finna see
Keep your thirst out the DM
Slim Jesus looking females hitting up my emails
Sitting on the steel rail, while i stare into the sky
Searching for the angel in my life

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