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Cuffing Me Lyrics

Tadoe – Cuffing Me Lyrics

On the block we yellin' go, in the spot we sellin' smoke
See the opps we yellin' blow, and my prices for the low
Dope look cleaner than some soap, boy you soft, go jump some rope
Gettin' top while on a boat, say you lean, let's pour some more
Say you high let's overdose, I just copped some Fendi loafs
Finna hit the Gucci store, I got me a dooki roll
Lets go see how Louis glo, fuck it off and get it back
Spend them stacks and hit the trap, we pull up foreigns back to back
Smokin thoinks, you call it thrax
You talkin' tough, you gettin' smacked
Try to run, fire up your back, we out in Cali sellin' packs
Pounds, weed, wax
You a clown, you gettin' taxed
We gonna finesse you for them racks
Three-hundred a zip you playin', 300 bitch thats the clan
We throw B's up on our chest, we take trips, we fly in jets
We take trips like overseas, we roll dope without no seeds
My new chain it cost a key, my new car came with no keys
On my feet is double G, your lil thot she fuck for free
Can't nobody fuck with me, bitch I do this shit with ease
That lil head was lovely, bitch I'm tree-d I smoke good tree
All this guap is stuck with me, and we high speed from police
Ain't nobody cuffin' me

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