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Who's That Kat? Lyrics

The Salads – Who's That Kat? Lyrics

Check it out - I'm that kat you see walkin' down the street
Headphones on, bumpin' to the beat
I'm that kat with the smooth-ass moves
And when ya hear the music comin' I just got to groove
I'm that kat who'll love ya right back
You be the itch, I'll be the scratch
I'm that kat who'll dj a party makin' everybody scream lodi dodi

You's a kat! Who's that kat? Some o' them be keepin' us back
We're not dealin' with that. Better know that we be the kats
Who keep on rockin' the dope trax

I'm that kat with the funkalistic flow
And like I told ya before I ain't your average Joe
I'm that kat but some call me a dawg
Because of my style and my crazy dialogue
I'm that kat sittin' in the back
On the red-eye flight close to climax - Ay yo
I'm that kat everybody knows
That was me on the stage at the Ice-T show

So all the while they're singin' Who's That Kat?
Makin' all the mothers say Who's That Kat?
And all the people are singin' Who's That Kat?
What? Bring it! Come now!

I'm that kat who's got nothin' but love
And I've been that way since push came to shove
I'm that kat who will pass you the bong
Make ya have nice dreams like Cheech and Chong
I'm that kat who dun did it befo'
I watched 'em come I watched 'em go
I'm that kat cold chillin' at the bar
'99 was the year I met The Roots and Gang Starr
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