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Just Loungin' Lyrics

The Fat Boys – Just Loungin' Lyrics

Verse One: Prince Markie Dee
To the point, straight from the source
Double Benzito and one Porsche!
A girl in the passenger seat, me, I'm steering;
To make a long story short, I was gearing
Patent leather! Silk! Credit cards!
A pocket full of money! The whole nine yards!
Off to the beach and I must discuss
That the night was hot and full of lust
It ain't nothin' new, it's an everyday thing
And if I ain't with a girl, I swing
You know, hang with the fellas at the disco
Buff was actin' wild off a bottle of Cisco
Cory and Joe were in the back profilin'
Me and Kool Rock were cold stylin'
Girls in abundance, all of `em scroungin'
But me, man? Yo, I'm just loungin'
Word up, I'm just loungin'
Verse Two: Kool Rock Ski
Me and the crew or should I say posse
Had the music kickin' in the 4x4 Jeep
We took the top off and then we stopped
At the pizza shop to get something to eat
Just then we saw some cuties cruisin'
So, we pursued them, We thought that we knew them
But, boy, was I psyched
Cause I'd never seen these girls before in my life
So, we kept on riding
Man, the day was hot, word up, I ain't lying
And, yo, you should have seen us
On the strength, I was set

Stopped at the red light, popped in my cassette
And you thought you was chillin'?
Man, you ain't seen nothin' yet, man, I was just loungin'
Word up, I was loungin'
Verse Three: Kool Rock Ski Prince Markie Dee Buff Love (The Human
Kool Rock Ski:
Takin' a break from all the bull that hounds you
From all the trouble that surrounds you
From all the negative hype
When you say to yourself that everything is gonna be allr
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