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Kill Me Moe Lyrics

Sybyr – Kill Me Moe Lyrics

Like a fucking idiot

Don't you fucking act like you know what it is
All you motherfuckers sounding like some hypocrites
Thank you for the hate, oh by the way, I'm taking everything away so go ahead and fade away into the dark with no escape
Sheesh, 101 damn questions I ain't finna fucking answer, no
I don't give a fuck about the past cause it was shitty though
Ever heard emotion? Well, if not, I'm introducing you
I done had enough, but you already heard that line before
Kill me moe, yes I'm from that 301 on everything
Distant motherfucker cause my peers ain't ever fuck with me
Not until a nigga made some beats and tried finesse on me
Weirdo motherfucker hate the world because the people sheep
Now they want some help because a nigga rankin up
But it don't even matter cause I'll leave em in the dust
They some simple metal I go piss on, so they rust
Can't handle no pressure, nor criticism, good luck
Sheesh, fuck what you like, bitch, a trend make my dick itch
Too bad a corporation looks at us and takes shit
Tryna overlook 'Ringe, I will make your ears deaf
Do not try to undermine the shit you haven't heard yet
Fuck your little clique hoe, I will make your ship sink
It don't even matter though, niggas do not want to think
Everybody want a drug, everybody super thug, everybody flex
But try to move and you a squashed bug
I ain't get to working super long for all the fuckery
You're all up in my way so i'mma splash you with some Mercury
My patience isn't relevant like I can show you evidence
All up on my dick, clinging heavy on my past tense
Don't try to tell me what my fucking name is, don't try to act like you know what I know, bitch
Fuck out my view with that grin on your face
I'll take hundreds of rocks and the two will switch places

Fuck what you know, you a bitch

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