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Welcome To A Leaking Head V Lyrics

Sybyr – Welcome To A Leaking Head V Lyrics


Welcome to A Leaking Head V, where, you know, I open my skull
And fuckin', do some brain transplant and shit like that
I ain't got no Ferrari, no V6 engine, but, damn they gon' pay most attention
And I ain't got no class, like a recession
Tryna be like Belgium, with the waffle, make some impact, you know
What's that? 5 stacks? how much in order to live comfortably, no tax?
Uh, pay no tax
I would like to keep all these earnings and just stay in a fuckin' cave yearnin'
In a fuckin' abyss, everything darkness
But I paid attention to, like, more often than this
Shit, uh, like a Tinkerbell, shit, uh
Peter Pan in the fuckin' weird ass land that he got over there, shit, uh
Lived in Oceania for a bit, uh
Fly back to the states on some wizard shit, uh
Twenty-four hours before I flip shit, uh
Construction worker carry the most bricks, uh
Cement blocks, that what's gonna fix potholes in the fuckin' roads

Uh, I mean, alright, shit, fuck it, eh, fuck it
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