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Scottie Pippen Lyrics

Swoosh God – Scottie Pippen Lyrics

I don't love her
I don't cuff her
It's for me, its for my brothers

[Verse 1: Swoosh]
Uh, If I got bread and my mans broke
Of course I'm gon' split it
Treat em' just like Michael Jordan
Treat his Scottie Pippen
Like, like you don't always got to score
Sometimes you do the dishin'
Bounce pass and put your man inside the right position
So he could put it off the glass for the easy finish
Went from losers straight to winnin'
See the haters they be grinnin'
Make my bitches do the dishes
And my t-shirt and my slippers
I'm a flashy ass nigga
I'm a dancin' ass nigga
All my bitches say I'm charmin
When I wake up in the mornin'
Give me kiss, then call me darlin'
And she go make me an omelette
I don't luv her
I don't cuff her
It's for me, it's for my brothers
Just like Pimp-C, I never fuck em under covers

[Verse 2: Swoosh]
Uh, Check clear for a couple bands
Had to cash out, at the grove
Pull up in a big body uber
That shit got 3 rolls
Got a cut now feelin lit
Just might fuck anotha nigga's bitch
Pu-pulled up now she sneezed on me
Now nigga feelin heaven-sit
Don't ask who i be wit
Same nigga from the sandbox
Way back when me and marv and Celiele watch the sand lot
Times hard but I stay cool
Knew everything but I played 'the fool'
Keep thuggin for my big sister
Cause she got my back bout goin to school
Lately I've been in the streets
Tried to jugg get my paper right
Ain't been home in a couple weeks
Momma said I ain't livin right
I tried makin me a livin
Like Tony im done doin dishes
I want to head to the riches
Bad boy like the '91 Pistons
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