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Rukahs Lyrics

Swoosh God – Rukahs Lyrics

Picture me rollin’, on the west coast, ‘preciate the support

[Hook]: Picture me rollin’ like I’m 2Pac
I’m in the six seater, but it’s me and two thots
They want me to love ‘em, but I can’t do that
These groupies ain’t loyal, man, they love to crew hop

[Verse 1]: I ain’t really in a rush for the top spot
But the fans like, “Swoosh, why you ain’t on?, you too hot”
They been waiting for a minute, for the new tape to drop
Ion give a fuck ‘bout the charts, man I know this shit will pop
If I see it and I like it, it’s fuck twelve but ima cop
Won’t you call me jelly fam the way I’m hitting lean and wock
Shit, jelly fam Swoosh got a ring to it
Jamaican nigga, curry shrimp, and the ting do it
I advise you not to have me too close to ya chick
It’ll be over pretty quick
She’ll be choosing sides, she’ll be choosing I
Man, it’s pretty obvious she want a new guy
I’m in Space Jam cooling with the Monstars
The kinda girls I like that work behind bars
She gave me head, made me stand still like Narduwar
2019, I’m tryna get a bag like Neymar
They try to block me, but I beat the goalkeeper
Ballin’ too hard, won’t you just go put me in FIFA
Spent some time in L.A
But now I’m in the bay
California such a beautiful place
That’s what I say

[Hook]: Picture me rollin’ like I’m 2Pac
In the six seater but it’s me and two thots
They want me to love ‘em but I can’t do that
These groupies ain’t loyal man they love to crew hop

[Verse 2]: If I love you, it’s the same amount now that it was then
Love you enough to be as real as I can
That’s from now until the very end, that’s if it ever ends
‘Cause when it’s done I got plans to come back and do this shit again
I gave you the harmonizing
But now it’s time for lyrical exercising
I can’t wait for cole to drop his lemonade
Hopefully niggas will spit lyrics that got a chance to aid and stop tryna run up the numbers
What’s the rush, I thought you’d be here for summer
You having second wonders?
I ain’t knocking, go and get it while you can
Stack up your dividends
I’ll be here for a while, I know I’m not no minute man, but I got ounces of flow just like Minute Maid
Plus I got the juice
Why it’s the ones that always start that wanna call it truce
Use ya bitch as a moose
Tell her everything it takes to get her loose
Put on a movie with emotion
Now she slowly is unclothin’
Know you see where this is goin
Rub her back down with the lotion
With the rythym I be strokin’
If I was to run for pres
She would be on my campaign and tell people to start votin’
She wanna be my star player, so I start coachin’
One of your blunts not one of my roaches
I’m in the stu’ right now and I’m breaking down your paycheck
Shit, that’s a weird but ok flex
I’m up right now waitin’ for shorty to send that late text
Sip the pink drop
Bad Long Island chick I met from ? Winthrop
And she spoil a nigga, that’s because she got a rich pops
And she love a nigga for who he is, not his wristwatch
Always keep her body in good shape
It’s in tip-top
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