Feat. Lil Won

My youngins got it if you need it x8

[Swateezy - Verse 1]

My Youngins got just what you need
They got them bars they got the weed
They got that drink they got some lean
They got that 9 cuz they play for green
We got some 40s on the table, 2 cups filled with maple
Nba on cable, holdin paper like a staple
We just chillin, foreally, let me pop another pill in
High as fuck, body stuck, I'm just starin at the ceiling
On a million, couple bad bitches tryna catch a feelin
But we don't love em, (nah we don't love em)
So imma fuck and then I'm peeling
I only answer is it's bout that money
I only call her if I know she fuckin
I only call her if her friend is coming
I pull out on her stomach, (what you doin) nutttinnn


[Lil Won - Verse 2]

My eyes gone I'm ray, real shit my kush loud what you say
I'm on gas bro no brakes, blitzed to the max this my functchway
Don't fuck with me ok, I give no fucks masturbate
You stuck in a box, I power play
I wear chucks a lot but only after j's
I work, I hustle, I smoke loud every day
Roll that shit, flip that bitch, chief that jane in every way
Bitch I'm high
High, in the sky
I'm high don't know why
I'm fly astraunot on cloud nine

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If You Need It Lyrics

Swateezy – If You Need It Lyrics