Feat. Kj and Lil Won

[Chorus - Lil Won]
Bros b4 Hoes
Hoes kum and go
Play da game hoe it go
Don't fall fa deez hoes
Jux kuz she choose
Don't me she should get chose
Bros b4 hoes holding it down wit cha woes

[Kj - Verse 1]
See I'm the playa type I'm what you lady like she see da try me in my eyes but she dnt bite standin right beside her man she was jumpin an wavin clutchin ha body biting her lip is her pussy cravin
Never trust a bitch like the one that I just described she a lie if she had a chance she'd let me beat her down she cheating now yes on her man it's alll casual tho I'm jus another nigga she fucck wit (plus two)
Hoes steppin outta line dee days got niggas mind fuck deez days nigga try to go at me behind a silly bitch you pussy whipped bros before hoes I thought you knew this shit


[Lil Won - Verse 2]
Bros b4 hoes yea I stick to it
I need all this hoe brain til she get to stoopid
You another snake ta me kuz bitch you live evil
I hate you type of people I kant deal either
I like girls that like girls kooch on kooch
Gettin check on top of check yea swoosh on swoosh
Me nd my peen tryna get a two on two
I got my bros where yo hoes lets get this group on group
Trust you bitch I think not I rather ask my bros
Fuck my nigga over nawww I rather smash yo hoes
It's won nd k til I die
We gon bang we gon ride
Fuck dees hoes get this dough
That's what I testify


[Swateezy - Verse 3]
I like my girls a little fruity
I like em pairs and gotta have ah big o booty
That oversized mail
But it's bro's before hoes if you need to remind her
I mean I support her I guess, can't you tell I'm fully behind her
Even if she fine china with a blessed spinal and shaved vagina
I ain't saying shit, unless kj and Won cosign her
But then I'll get inside her
And I let the whole crew do what it do, She A Rider
My creez so cold
My team so cold
So test ya luck and taste this nut, bet I'll leave you froze
We catch release these hoes Yea
Expose mistreat these hoes
Cause they know how the game go
Green like Rango
In that old skool Jjango
Give em my cocker spaniel
Then she step down like elliptical
And play Jordan in 99 and quit the bull

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Bros Before Hoes Lyrics

Swateezy – Bros Before Hoes Lyrics