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Billy Lyrics

Swamp Dogg – Billy Lyrics

The neighbors think I'm crazy to come here the way that I do
But I'm lonely and I needed to come here and be close to you
Somehow I believe that you hear every word that I say
So that's why I come here and talk to you this way

The flowers in your garden are so pretty this time of year
So I brought you some roses, sorry, I stained 'em with tears

I tell Billy of Heaven and angels that live there like you
And I tell him that some day we'll be livin' there too
Yes, darling, I plan to rejoin you in Heaven some day
But sometimes I question the reason
God took you away

You oughta see Billy, he looks more like you every day
He's too young to remember, I guess it's better that way

Well, goodbye, darling, I gotta go now
But I promise I'll be back again
With more flowers and news of Billy
So sweetheart, goodbye to thee
Oh, how silly of me
I left out what I came to say
I wish you could've seen Billy this morning
He took his first step today
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