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Sal-A-Faster Lyrics

Swamp Dogg – Sal-A-Faster Lyrics

I just hafta'
Always stay plastered
On Sal-a-Faster
From Al-a-massa [?]
They grow it under
A Yum-yum tree

When I'm plastered
On Sal-a-Faster
I watch the people all around me
You see I mix it with my tea
Swamp Dogg style

My Aunt Jo
From down below
Give me some to kill the pain
My Aunt Jo
From down below
Almost drove me insane
Lord, now, now

Talk about your big trips
Even in little sips
They don't even make me bleed

Oh now

For whatever I'm after
I mix some Sal-a-Faster
Good god, in my drain
If you got a woman you wanna hold
And you got yourself a wife that you can't control
You got a dog that has fits
You got a rabbit that only sits
Mix some Sal-a-Faster in your sink
Then give each of them a little drink
Swamp Dogg style

Watch that woman eat out your hand
Your wife will get gentle as a lamb
Your dog will win every race
The rabbit's gonna get on the case
Lord, I just hafta
Always stay plastered
On my Ala-sal-a-fala-mal-a
C'mon now
Oh, Sal-a-Faster
[fades out]

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