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Twenty Five Lyrics

Supa Bwe – Twenty Five Lyrics

I'ma dog bitch let me go.. (Magic)
Read the stars, they say Freddy go! (Go in!)
& don't trust these hoes or nobody though.. (Magic)
Women kissin women slow, welcome to the show! (Go in!)
Been around around the world and came back for mo.. (magic)
I'm turning "Twenty Five" in Mexico.. (Go in!)
2015 mine I can see the future!
I can see my wife & she think & on god I'm gettin rich!

I'ma dog bitch let me go!
I can read the stars! They say "Freddy Go!"
How I'm actin brand new when you dont know me!
& plus I never split ways with the old me!

Bitch I'm bout to blow, before yo very eyes!
I'm just a mushroom cloud on the rise!
I'm two puff shy of a Kai!
High I'm high man, everybody high man!

Don't be surprised when I don't wave bye!
I'm movin, bitch believe it!
Carve my face ina mountain one time!
Bitch do it, cause I'm leadin!

My village gon eat, just mine!
My niggas gon teach in time!
My lessons reach deep, this climb
Ain't shit fora nigga like me, like me!

You ain't never met a nigga like me..
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