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Supa Buu Lyrics

Supa Bwe – Supa Buu Lyrics

Business is business
Fuck out my business
I'm back in the bando
With bitches that's blacker than nighttime and licorice
Catching theses bodies in dividends
Ain't no opponents, I'm killing shit
Cold as a bird with this penmanship
Fuck what you heard cause we in this bitch
With the shits, none of my niggas are innocent
All of my bitches keep feeling this song
All my hoes habibi
(All my hoes are habibi)
All my bros are habibi
(All my bros are habibi)
All my hoes so Fiji
(All my hoes are Fiji)
Crack a bitch I'm splashing
I got all this magic
2k47, Supa keep a hatchet
Supa keep a ratchet I ain't talking hoes
Jack a nigga for his jacket if its cold
Get the car, get the pole, get to blowing
*boom* *boom* *boom* *boom*
From the city of the wind imma get the blowing
I got to much magic please don't make me show it
I almost finish him i almost kill this man
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