I keep begging you to see.
Why won't you ever listen?
You have got me into this, you will show me the way out... Out of this.
As you say there's nowhere I can go.
As you say there's no-one I can trust.
As you say we're all alone out there.
As you say we can never... Never be clean.
As a shadow, hiding my eyes from the sun,
You walk through the door of trust to never come again.
But you will stay in my memory like a bird in a cage.
You will never be released from my mind.
Save me, please.
And it always comes down to this.
Wake me up, and open my eyes.

(This song is about lost friendship and what it does to you. It's an old song so
It's also about a friend I had for a long time ago that I really admired, but
Nowadays we don't talk and we don't see each other. But I still remember his
Words and his ways of putting things. I will never forget...)
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My Mind Is A Birdcage Lyrics

Suis La Lune – My Mind Is A Birdcage Lyrics