I thought I could, I thought I could let you slip un-noticed.
I thought we could, I thought we could share something beautiful.
Was I just a role in your twisted game?
Well, did I ever get you somewhere or did I ever help you?
Truelove is fiction.
Now that I look back on it all it all seams so clear:
I was just a helping hand like all of the others.
'Help me through. ' you held my hand,
You held my hand like we were a couple.
I thought I meant, I thought I meant something more than a 'psykologist'.
All the words flew back at me:
'... And how are you, how are you? You just keep asking questions. '
It makes me always remember all... All of... All of those... Those bloody letters. I will protect you from yourself.
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A Letter - A Void Lyrics

Suis La Lune – A Letter - A Void Lyrics