I've been counting down from ten
So we can hide and seek again
With promise just around the bend
Beyond the trees
We've been running through the groves
With just some fig leaves for our clothes
And the windfall down in droves around our knees

We were strolling through your garden
With me begging for your pardon
Cuz my heart began to harden in the ice
Snow began to flutter
And the trees began to mutter that
"It's best you close the shutters in paradise"

While the spell comes flooding through
All the trains leave Waterloo
And the planes still overdue began to land
There's a key that must be turned
While the summits are adjourned
But you seem so unconcerned with things at hand

Now it's Rings around the Rosie
With your pockets full of posies
And the Eden's always cozy when it's still
When the winter comes undone
And spills its ice across the sun
Pushing stones as best we can up every hill
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WinterSong Lyrics

SugarFall – WinterSong Lyrics