You have sailed the seven seas of lonely
Come here through a wilderness of pain
Eyes have watched you on this journey closely
Now it's time to serve your Chatelaine

Buried in the backwoods where the birds no longer sing
Hung from willows waging war with time
Carried on the streams of sunlight breaking through in strings
Ivy sprawls her hands against your climb

You were in the parlor when the wind ran through your hair
With the ghosts of gods and captured souls
The wine was warm for her private storm and the signs all read "Beware"
She was at the fire still stoking coals

Against her lips and her trembling hips you stood no chance in hell
She led you by your hand into the wilds
And amid the frenzies and endless entries your hungers rose and fell
You could almost touch salvation when she smiled
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Ivy Lyrics

SugarFall – Ivy Lyrics