You're a thousand pieces baby
You're the broken Mona Lisa
You're the boundless reaches baby
You're my dose of anesthesia
I could be your Johnny lately
I could be your man of mystery
Love and lust come so innately
Pucker up and come on kiss me
I'm a jigsaw puzzle baby
I'm the something wicked warning
We can start some trouble baby
Shake the dark and break the morning

You've been a bad girl ain't ya baby
You got a naughty body dontcha?
Nothing nasty taints ya baby
You'll be good from now on wontcha?
I could be your faceless glory
I could be your secret charm
Let me share my bedtime story
Never shoot a man unarmed
We could be the smoke and honey
We could be the blade and bridle
I could make your dark days sunny
Something in our panting's primal

You're a thousand slices baby
You're the sleepless deep and frenzy
You're a thousand vices baby
You're the sweat and sweet they envy
I could be your moon on Monday
I could be your heart's design
We could count the hours to someday
I could be your Frankenstein
We could crash the party baby
We could steal the pink champagne
Build ourselves an army baby
Live our days out unrestrained
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Frankenstein Lyrics

SugarFall – Frankenstein Lyrics