[Chorus x2: Mike Shinoda]
Your running out of time
Hey You!
I came to take what's mine
Hey You!
If you think I'm stepping aside
Then your losing your mind
Losing your mind

[Verse 1: Ryu]
You see the machine guns are blazing
Microphone fiend
And I'm buzzed and faded
Loved and hated
Pump slugs in ya favorite
You punks ain't that courageous
To the middle
Up front they feel me
Put ya hands up
Tickle the ceiling
Got godz in the house
And we got the chrome
Hey yo Ryu!
"I'm saying yo off the dome"
Ok I'm from the S.O.
Run in the west coast
A cup full of exo
Fucking wreck
I don't care about a freestyle
Cut the check
You could battle if you want
I'm a punch instead
Roll out the red carpet
The cameras see us
Step out the black phantom
With Cameron Diaz
Hide your women I'm coming to get em
Move it
Bitch your losing

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Take 5 while I make mine
Double on your bet
Shoot a roll for the snake eyes
Never let it get to the point where you skate by
Let me break a sweat
Cause I ears and you ain't fly
On the grind from 9 to 6
She hella fine
With a fiery diamond wrist
Got off stage and I'm done with the show
She followed behind
And asked me to sign her tits
So we happened to stroll away
But it's cool
I'm in ya area code today
Keep my mouth sealed
Going on with the plan
I mean yo
What the hell am I supposed to say?
Sipping gin bean chilling
When I felt a hand brush me
Stunned by the Ribkat letters on my cuff link
Blowing off dust
Going out of my shell
The chainsaw for the game
And my sharp fangs rusted
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Hey You Lyrics

Styles Of Beyond – Hey You Lyrics