The almighty

Verse 1 (Apathy)
Ever since the Big Bang
Before God had a name
Before the birth of earth
Or when the dinosaurs came
Way before cavemen were huntin prehistoric game
Or Cleopatra pumped poison venom in her veins
Before the world changed when the Romans reigned
Before Jesus was slain and Noah watched for rain
Cuz I been waitin longer to drop my CD
Than people'll wait in line at the DMV

Verse 2 (Celph Titled)
Before the lord himself said let there be...
There was me Celph Titled
God emcee
No frequencys to transmit
No hammers to grip
No flicks where they were killin kids on summer campin trips
Before you was cohereint
My flows spirit co-existed in pyramids
Temples of holy lyrics
Homey I'm serious
Before Jehova thought of yall
I done payed dues
Blown the fuck up and fallen off
Come on


Don't make me
What will it
Let's get this

Don't forget it or we gonna bring it!

Bring it back
Bring it, bring it, bring it back
Bring it back
Bring it, bring it, bring it back
Bring it back
Bring it, bring it, bring it back
Bring it back
Bring it, bring it, bring it back

Verse 3 (Ryu)
Before tats and the booze
Two packs a day shit
In the lunch room battlin chumps in they faces
Ever since cassettes
I was fresh before the phrase
"So fresh"
For my age I needed a fucking agent
>From out the basement
I came when Kane did
Before K-Swiss was gay kicks for gay kids
I'm saying!
For the sake of being abrassive
I'll slit a hoe's throat so the bitch can't say shit

Verse 4 (Motive)
Way before my mom used to beat me with a switch
Suspended from school
For callin all my teachers a bitch
Before I used to rock Lee's and the creases was thick
The only time I dressed up was on Easter and shit
Basically I'm sayin I've been patiently waitin a long time
Before my pops even thought about knockin up my mom
Before so many fake dudes tried to rhyme
The guarded angels got they ass whooped for stoppin crimes


Verse 5 (Tak)
Before I was even concieved and kickin the womb
Before I was able to breathe I was diggin ya tomb
Before I even had a style and the clips to fill it with
Before my brother Bilal left a hook with The Syndicate
I was waitin in the shack with Everlast
Way before he had knack
Way before it was cool to wear leather pants
Before lickin a line up came look at my number
Def Jeff and drop rhymes on ya

Verse 6 (Apathy)
Feels like centurys
Or essentialy
Longer than Flava Flave waited for the ENT
Before O.J. got lucky and lost his fresh prince
Before they tried to switch up the odds on Fresh Prince
Before Napoleon began to stratergize
Or way before McDonalds fucked up they apple pies
Before Capone comitted a single crime
Bottom line I've been waitin a long fucking time

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Bring It Back Lyrics

Styles Of Beyond – Bring It Back Lyrics