I Want To Be Where The Action Is
It's Time Again
We Won't Get A Second Chance
Everything Is Dying
Fuck Sleep, fuck Beauty, I Know I Have To Make It Alone
It's 2: 45 A. M. And I'm Freaking Out
All I Can Think Of Is Glory, And I'm Sitting In Burnaby
At 2: 45 In The fucking Morning
Freaking The fuck Out

One Month And I'm Gone Forever
Fuck This Once And For All...
And Just Like All Those Bullshit Jobs
I Swore I'd Never Go Back To
I Swear I'll Never Go Back To This Life

Fuck This

Can You Believe This shit People?
All You Stupid fucking People
With Your Useless fucking Lives
And Your Bullshit Priorities
And Your Sick fucking Wars
And Your Pathetic Religion
And Your shit Music
And Your Sick fucking Hate
Bullshit, Sitcom, North American Ignorance
A New Time Is Coming
And We Know You'll Awake In There

Who's Your Daddy?
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Velvet Kavorkian Lyrics

Strapping Young Lad – Velvet Kavorkian Lyrics