You bastard!!!
Know, know, know
I hate you!!!
Everything... Everything, everything...
Is wrong!!!
And I don't want to fight...
Because I don't know what's
Wrong or right
But I'll do anything just to get some
Fucking sleep tonight...
And I can't even eat
And I can't even fucking piss!!!
All I've been doing is thinking about
God and death infinity!!!!!

Sleep little baby, don't you cry... Little baby...

You'll fucking listen to me... Everybody in my
Motherfucking life;
All I've been looking for is an excuse to
Feel this way...
... And now I know...
I know!!!
I'm in control of the infinite mind,
And I control infinite Power
Every black minute

And self-control is something I've learned...
But don't think I won't do it,
Don't you ever forget;
If you want crazy...
If you want fucking crazy...
I'll show you how to be crazy

Fuck you!!!!

All this time I thought you wanted me to be
Like you
... You don't want me to be like you,
Now you'll sing for me!

Baby!!! Little baby, little baby... Yeah!!!
Aw, fuck!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!

Know... Know... Know...
I fucking hate myself
Everything... Everything... Everything
About this is fuckd!!!

Now it's
... And...
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Shitstorm Lyrics

Strapping Young Lad – Shitstorm Lyrics