I think that she's so cool, but she thinks that I'm lame,
Ever since she found this out it's always been the same.
She laughs at all my dumb jokes and she'll sit down next to me,
But there's no hope because I know that this will never be.
It seems that the harder I try, she gets more creeped out by me.
Maybe another chick will come my way,
But not today.
I need to change myself,
Improve my physical health
Go down to the gym and workout.
I need to make a change,
Get my life rearranged,
I need to find out what I'm all about.What?
I went and got my haircut and I shaved of my beard,
I got my acne all cleared up and stopped acting so weird.
Now she really wants me, but she never will be mine.
Because now that I'm so damn pretty she doesn't look so fine.
I know it's not cool to judge people by what you see,
Maybe I'll date an ugly girl someday,
But not today!
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Human Rabies Project Lyrics

Straight Outta Junior High – Human Rabies Project Lyrics