Jenny and I really hate your guts.
We can not believe you're such a slut.
Jenny got tears in her eyes,
I got pissed and you know why.
You were getting it on with her dad.
Jenny and I decided that we,
We don't need this shit and if we see any of this shit again,
We will kick your ass
And then you'll think twice about getting on her dad.
This might be just a stupid song but it's true.
I cannot believe we had no clue
What you do when you're alone with Jenny's dad.
Sorry that I am not 42.
Jenny and I missed the warning signs.
We forgot to read between the lines.
Everytime he made a pass,
Every time he grabbed your ass,
You were actually getting on her dad.
Jenny and I, we don't need this shit.
Jennys had a hard time since the split.
Right before the big divorce
They screamed so much that they went hoarse.
Now her best friend is getting on her dad.
Im on the outside looking in.
I see his nuts up on your chin.
What in the hell were you thinking?
That guy is such a creep
And Jenny and I decided we are leaving this place
Jenny and I, we are the same age.
Jenny and I, packed our bags and started driving.
Jenny and I, were not coming back.
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Jenny And I Lyrics

Straight Outta Junior High – Jenny And I Lyrics