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Murderous Nerves Lyrics

Sticky Fingers – Murderous Nerves Lyrics

Free roaming equals burning down to the spiraling core

[Verse 1]
I cannot feel it, running though my veins
I can not feel it, when it rains
But I tell you now
Some of them are good
Some of them are bad
Some of us are good
And some of us are bad

[Hook 1] x2
Give it up now, I can not feel it

[Hook 2] x2
I can not feel it, give it up now

[Verse 2]
I can not feel it, the water or the rock
I can not feel it, when my heart stops
But I tell you now, particles of doom
Taking you for a psycho synthetic tour
You want to stop but all you've got it more
Atoms separating a sublime condition
You mind and body and soul in a fuzzy ambition
Seen freedom is a matter of a rubber dubber soul
With that super dooper temptation in this Rasta fried world
And the wicked vibration of a shiver mans nerve

[Hook 1] x4

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