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Clouds & Cream Lyrics

Sticky Fingers – Clouds & Cream Lyrics

Hey, throw down your knowledge in a noose
And I will hang off every word you say
You, you never saw or cared when I was here, but now I shine
How she disguising and despising under my pressure
Hurts, however, I think you'll be okay

Me: I live a sorted dream of clouds and cream and
Hey baby, look my way
You, you sit and stare into the air and watch me fly
Fill up a bottle to the brim and let me swim in it's anger
Hey stranger, I think I'll be okay

Cause I don't want the bother, I only want my mumma
And I will kill you lover, yeah we was meant together
Until I get another, I'll always ask you woman
Why, why, why just won't you die?

You call my feelings broken, I'll smash my head right open
Place your hands deeply within, and feel my everything
So come and jump on my friend, I'll make your misery end
Hi, hi, hi, and now we're fine

It's cold and silent, no one's crying, it was all show
We know I am a magician, apparition, and an in between
And if you don't want to believe in anything, okay, hey baby
I think we're in a dream
I think you're being mean


Now I've got a gun and I'm not scared
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