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Dinner's On You Lyrics

Sticky Fingers – Dinner's On You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
How does it feel to be blamed
For things you didn't do
Don't be ashamed
You can't control what isn't true
Yes they do
They like what they hear
Makes the world seem so clear
Yes they do
And they knew
I feel sorry for you
I feel sorry for you

[Verse 2]
Flying high
Should have put more effort into your disguise
Cause what you saw your mothers cries
When the tears don't come along
Cause she ain't got no eyes
No more, no more
No more, it's true
I feel sorry for you
I feel sorry for you
I feel sorry for you

[Verse 3]
You're looking for some answers
Down the street, over the hill
Into the sun
All you found was heat, sweat
Stress, smoke, drugs, big ugly thugs
Life is so sweet
It's a treat
And I'd share with you
Who else knew
Just how I feel
Before the strength they could muster
There's a man as tall as a roof
A brand new generation of hustler
Their hearts they didn't move
I can see they were coming in numbers
But there would just be a few
Their coming to ease up their hunger
It looks like the dinner's on you
I feel sorry for you
I feel sorry for you

[Outro: Alternate version of Happy Endings]
Happy endings are for those who wait
Last night I fell for you on ice drunk straight
My shattered see through dreams reflected my state
My broken wisdom has come far too late
Moving inside a circular-visual orbit
Your earth revolves around my sun
Being chased by the devil can be angelic
Here's another brother shaking with the psychedelics
It's a sensation, a blind creation
Moving through my days done
Yeah you got my heart stung
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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