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Juicy Ones Lyrics

Sticky Fingers – Juicy Ones Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Holes in my pockets and I got a new reason for shoes
Slip them on and I find some silver confuse
Rolling through town and I'm smiling at all a them frowning
Testing all a them waters in which we drown in

Stay, or go
I say hey, I dunno

[Verse 2]
Searching the pits I'm looking for the juicy ones
Find my man Ted he's got a packet with tonnes
And we're shooting the piss yeah we're having some fun
It doesn't matter when you miss when you got none, baby

[Hook 2]
When you got none
When you got none
When you got none
When you got none

Some go on and some let go
All these years we still don't know

[Verse 3]
Standing here on my own I can feel a chill running through my bones
Someone's trying to freeze me here like a stone
Someone's jacket here would be sold if I weren't dancing here as I strolled
As the day did grow old yes the world grew cold, grew so cold

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