I gave up so much, but never a thanks in return
Those flammable dreams, we'll light them and smile as they burn
Of coffee and tea, a sugarless boredom will do
And next to the sky, I waited and watched as we grew into

The sentiment lost on wisdom and lots of tinned soup
Those looking for love are certainly out of the loop
I dreamt of a day with Hendrix and Nixon anew
And next to your grave, I counted the stars as we grew into

The heavens filled with glee
With volumes they attained
The thought of you and me
The monumental shame

We laughed as we fell but somehow you knew how to drown
In surpassing me, we pissed on the sceptre and crown
The nightmare goes on, I'm still in great need of a clue
And next to my life, I bitterly cursed as we grew into

"Shake hands, take heed, make haste!"
They shouted with distain
The truthless aftertaste
The monster we became
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The Monster We Became Lyrics

Steve Morgan And Band – The Monster We Became Lyrics